171st Combat Engineers WW2
171st Combat Engineer Battalion Co B of WW2

I will be working on this page shortly as a tribute to my father who served in the unit 1944-1945 thereabouts. He is still alive and has some great items of interest about the unit that he saved, I will be scanning and adding them shortly

This is just a start to the project. The 171st may have trained in Camp Carson, Colorado in 1943 and was commanded by the "old man", Lt.Col. Charles R. Keasy (Battalion Commander 1943-1945).From the back of one of his pictures at Camp Carson he list 49th Eng.(C) Bn as his unit and he has a duty roster I believe from that time period which places him in the 2nd Squad of the 2nd Platoon. I have a roster for this 2nd platoon (not sure of the date- my father believes it was from Camp Carson). The platoon was led by Lt. Weis, with T/Sgt. Parrent as the platoon Sgt.. The 1st squad was composed of: S/Sgt. Pinney, Sgt. Sather, T/4 Rentz, T/4 Rosier, Cpl Sample, T/5 Billello, T/5 Dilello, Pfc. Dombrovski,Pfc. Fragapane,Pfc. Hrin,Pfc. O'neal,Pfc. Powell, Pfc. Salmon (3g), T/4 Fuchsman. 2nd squad was composed of: S/Sgt.Young,Sgt. Shapiro, T/4 Spatafora, T/4 Tietze,T/4 Brown C., T/5 Davis, T/5 Rohde, T/5 Songer,Pfc. Bussiet (Guard), Pfc. Colliton (Tel. Opr.), Pfc. Coolidge, Pfc. Seguin, Pfc. Gross, T/4 Dee (Depot Hq.). 3rd squad was composed of: Sgt. Mabry, T/4 Campbell,T/4 McPeak, T/4 McCurdy, T/5 Barkow, S/Sgt. Eby (Mess Sgt.), T/5 Boudreau (PX), T/5 Hecht, T/5 Hochberg,T/5 Hobine, T/5Niehaus (Depot Supply), T/5 Riggs, T/5 Robinson, M/Sgt. Griner, T/4 Karnok.

The "Roll of Honor" for the Battalion as listed in Battalions own History (Circa June 1945) is as follows: Killed in Action: Charles W. O'Neal, Robert H. Bislich, Kenneth Owens, Dewey J. Blake, Stanley S. Francek, Jerold J Lehoty, John J. Kolich, John P. Firmani . Died of Wounds: Richard F. Burkart & Edward O. Grantham . Awarded the Silver Star: Joseph P. Perry, Francis R. Sturtevent, Paul M. Enger, Angelo R. Ruggieri,Charles R. Keasey, Walter E. Hendricks, Lowell W. Yeates, Jerold J Lehoty (posthumous) and Laurence L Lutz.
The list of purple heart and bronze star winners will follow.

Below are some photos my father had of his friends and fellow soldiers:

Trying to keep warm, dated 12/3/1944- just prior to the Battle of the Bulge I believe. In photo are my father (center) to the left T4 Joe Toth and to the right Joe Perry.

No date on above photo, on back is written "Stanley,Slim, Bianchi, Poleski"

Photo of Vito Bianchi of Milford, Mass, taken in Arendsee, Germany May 1945

Photo dated Sept 14, 1945 at Genneveliers, France . Listed Left to Right: Myers, Evans, Beeler, Seguin (my father)

This photo is dated 3/24/1945, in photo are my father and Vito Bianchi, the plane is supposed to be British General Montgmory's

This photo is dated Sept 5, 1945, outside Paris, France. The unit was stationed near Paris according to my father after the war and was busy cutting up tons of new equipment that was to be left behind for scrap. My father would not reach home until Jan 1946.

Photo is dated May 1945, it is of William Degleau in Arendsee, Germany

Photo is dated December 1st, 1945, Paris area Camp E-508-B Genneveliers, France. Pictured is Pfc. George Hall

Photo is dated October 28th, 1945, Gennevelier's, Vrance. Pictured is Willis Bone.

After a swim, Arendsee, Germany, May 1945, Harold Ranch (left) and my father.

Left over German (?) gun implacement, E-508-B, Gennevelier, France.

Update 10/15/15 I want to start working on this page again, I have received many emails from family members of the units members- some looking for info and some providing info. I'd like to add these emails to the page, as spreading names,dates and other info may lead to further information about the battalion. If you sent an email and would not like it added to public viewing on this site please let me know. I will try to keep your contact info sent in emails private.