Smart Film Can Transform a Glass
Storefront Into a Video Billboard
With the growing popularity of smart film, a glass storefront can be transformed into
a video billboard กระจกอัจฉริยะ. Smart film is a clear material that can be switched to opaque at
night. This feature is especially useful for healthcare settings that need to protect
patients from infectious diseases. Retailers also use smart film as an effective
advertising medium, turning storefronts into video billboards. This technology can
even improve privacy for patients. Its high transparency allows for privacy during
the daytime, while remaining opaque at night.

How to Boost Up Your Retail Advertising with Interactive Smart Window Glass?  - Chiefway Malaysia
Liquid crystal film
The study was conducted on patients who were undergoing chemotherapy through a
peripheral intravenous catheter Chiefway Smart Glass. Ultrasonography was used to observe the
subcutaneous tissue surrounding the catheterization site. In addition, a
thermosensitive liquid crystal film was placed on the catheterization site. The film’s
color was measured, and patients were categorized according to a pattern of low and
high temperatures. The data was analyzed using logistic regression using a clinically
chosen independent variable.
A typical liquid crystal display has a low switching speed, so the pixels are turned on
and off very slowly. The switching time is typically 150 milliseconds. This low
switching speed is required to reduce flicker. However, this low switching speed
renders passive matrix displays unusable for many applications. As a result, liquid
crystal displays are not as fast as CRTs or LEDs. They can also be more expensive.
Switchable electric smart film
A switchable electric smart film is a window covering that can be controlled with an
electrical switch. It can be dimmed and can even be controlled by voice commands.
This unique film is custom cut and requires only three to six watts per square meter
of illumination. It can be applied over existing glass and does not require any special
installation or care. The film is transparent when the electrical supply is turned on
and opaque when the powder is turned off.
This innovative smart film is made of PDLC and is adhesive-backed, which allows it
to stick to glass without requiring professional installation. It is ideal for interior glass
as it doesn’t need professional installation and is easily scratch-resistant. However,
there are some drawbacks to this new technology. Some “smart films” aren’t as
effective as others when it comes to blocking sunlight or solar heat gain. Also, most
of these films are battery operated, which requires additional maintenance over

How to Boost Up Your Retail Advertising with Interactive Smart Window Glass?  - Chiefway Malaysia
Transitional film
The use of a smart transitional film can significantly reduce a home’s energy bills.
These films use a patented method to create a photochromic reaction. When
exposed to the sun, they automatically adapt to block 99% of the ultraviolet rays
from the sun and 80% of infrared heat from passing through the glass. This type of

film can pay for itself in two to five years. To learn more about the benefits of using
a smart transitional film, read on.
The MIT is a property that can be seen from both electrical measurements and
transmission spectra. In Fig. 12(c), the change in transmission from the IR to the
visible range was measured with a spectrometer. The results of this experiment
showed that the MIT increased significantly at room temperature, and annealing the
sample at elevated temperatures resulted in a 40% decrease in transmission in the
IR region.
CoolVu window film
The CoolVu smart window film is a type of energy-efficient window film that reduces
heat and UV ray exposure to skin, furniture, hardwood floors and artwork. CoolVu
can prevent the premature degradation of these items by 99%. The film can also
extend the life of furnishings up to 300%. The film is made of advanced technology
and is compatible with all types of windows. The CoolVu window film can be installed
on any type of window and pays for itself within three to five years.
FutureVu Brands, Inc., based in Marietta, Ga., has launched a new franchise
business, CoolVu Franchise Concepts. This new business model will help increase
access to innovative products and services, including smart glass, energy-efficient
windows, and security-enhancing window film. The franchise model is led by
franchise industry veteran Mike Herrera, and the company will help franchisees offer
innovative solutions that will enhance consumer and business satisfaction.