Some of my web pages I am working on:

Check out the new book Denying Liberty written by my brother Ronald Dale, its a great fictional novel full of historical notes set around the Statue of Liberty- she's celebrating her 125th year! His site is here

My Ford 9" rear end identification page

A Brief Tribute to the 171st Combat Engineer Battalion Co. B of WW2 -my fathers unit

Early Toploader & Shifter Photo's Mustang
Early Ford and Mustang Shifter + Identification Page -work in progress
Restored 4100 Carb

Also Wanted Buffalo Nickels!! Will buy Even Dateless ones !! Click on email me below if you have some to sell.

Buying Carburetor Cores and Shifter Parts

Always interested in buying parts 4 speed shifters, handles, rods, etc for early Mustangs, Fairlanes, Galaxies, Falcons etc. Rusted, bent, broken no problem. Also buying early carb cores- Autolite 2100 2V's (69 and before) and 4100 4V's (any), again, incomplete, frozen and damaged carbs considered.


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